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May we All Journey Back home to the Heart & Live from that Sacred Space of Connection to All Of Life- Our True Nature

Glenda-Ray is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Theta Healer, Intuitive, Medium and Author of the book "TRANSFORMATIVE MEDITATION."
Glenda  is a Master Teacher of Connection to All of Life to assist in the 


Healing sessions in person , by phone  and/or via zoom meeting. 



Experience Transformation & Empowerment through Intuitively Guided Mult-dimensinal Healing Journeys through the comfort of your own home via a zoom meeting.

Natural Healing

With an initial consultation over the phone, discovering what I may facilitate healing for- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I am intuitively guided in how to assist in your Journey Back Home to Your Heart and experience Connection to Your Essence Self and All of Life as ONE

Healing For Your Pets

Healing for Your Pets is offered in person or by  an online zoom meeting. 

 As compassionate beings, animals "hold" onto energy not serving their loved ones which may manifest in their physical body as illness and behaviour patterns.  By connecting  with the animal energetically, I facilitate the release of a the energy related to the disharmony allowing for healing for family members too.

Healing for ONE, is Healing for ALL.


You may also subscribe here to weekly Multidimensional Transformative Healing Journeys via a zoom meeting.